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The Males lowland is in the east part of the Republic of Macedonia somewhere at 670 to 1050 meters above the sea level.
The town Berovo is situated on both coasts of the River Bregalnica right after the gorge, at the locality where the river enters the Males lowland. The total area of the Municipality of Berovo is 595m2.

Having in mind the great elevation of 800 m and the isolated position of the lowland in regard to the influences of the sea currents coming up the River Vardar and the River Struma, this area has a moderate continental climate which at certain localities is modified and changes into mountain-continental climate. Its most prominent climatic features are the cold winters and cool summers. Berovo is a town with the highest concentration of oxygen on the Balkans. The average annual temperature in the Municipality is 11.1 C?. The relief is predominantly mountainous, and the flat areas are situated only around the riverbeds of Bregalnica and its tributaries.

Berovo Municipality has 13.941 citizens, 96% of whom are Macedonians, 3 % are Roma and 1 % is others

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